What Renovations On My House Taught Me About Changing

I’m having work done in my house. Workmen everywhere. My beautiful, peaceful home has become a series of discontinuous and disharmonious hammering sprinkled generously with dust. It coats everything: the walls, the paintings, our mouths, nose and ears. We cannot get away.

But as I’m thinking about the discomfort and annoyance, I am also excited about my new bathrooms and my new balconies. I can imagine peaceful oases of candle light, calm and positive vibes. 

Isn’t most change like this?

  • The confusion, misplacement of normality and normal things, your space.
  • The clogging up and difficulty of even basic functions – breathing, moving.  Everything is touched, despite all best efforts to contain the dust and damage.
  • The instability of living in a space that, though is yours, is so upended.  You’re not in control.  You have to rely on others, the system.

BUT. What makes this worthwhile?

  • The vision: I know what things will look like, what I’m going for. I have a clear picture in my head. Even as the little glitches, delays, re-routing comes up. I know how to make my decisions, because I know where I’m trying to get to.
  • Being surrounded by the right people – both to get the job done as well as to help you through it.
Fabio and Elio, a fantastic duo!

Change is uncomfortable. It is often messy and can clog up every aspect of your life. But people really only change for two reasons:

  1. They hate where they are so much that want to get out.
  2. They have a clear vision of where they want to be – one that excites and propels them; one that allows them to overcome even the worst obstacles. One that allows them to put into perspective the pain they feel today.

What makes you change?

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  1. Really nice and true metaphor !!!!! btw, i wish the end result is like you are envisioning and you can enjoy that peaceful moments. Marc

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