Navigating the “New Normal”

What a 2020 we’ve had so far!  Sometimes when I think of all that we have gone through — trying to make sense of the pandemic, navigating workplaces that will never be the same, and dealing with hyper-connection (electronically) in a physically disconnected world — I get exhausted.

Unfortunately, disruption will continue, in one form or another, and we all need to find ways of adapting and thriving in this “new normal”.  My wish is that we all learn to do this this with a degree of grace and stability.

To this end, I wanted to share with you an article I wrote earlier this month for Forbes on what organizations, and we as individuals, can do to get better at staying grounded and energized in this rapidly evolving and changing world. 

Here are a few of my key insights (hint: they all require working on ourselves):

· The need to look beyond skill and competency building, and include the deeper foundations of mindset and cognitive agility.

· To be a great leader today means having a learning and listening mindset.

· The problem is that it is very hard to sit with the discomfort of having to change to do the deeper work of personal transformation. Development programs are great at offering new information or perspectives, but not as great when you need to wrestle with the uncomfortable questions that come from challenging yourself in order to change or grow. When we look to grow as leaders, we tend to shy away from difficult or uncomfortable conversations with ourselves and we don’t want discomfort while we stretch to grow. Nonetheless, if we want our leaders to grow, we have to push them to work more deeply on themselves.

Here is the link to my article:
How To Ensure Your Leadership Development Programs Give You The Results You Need

Get your notes out and let the learning begin

Let’s lead the way.  By starting with ourselves.

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