Tackling the (Human) Energy Crisis

We are in the midst of an energy crisis. In the world, and within ourselves.  Anxiety, uncertainty, war, political tensions are all leading to collective burnout, depletion, and a sense of physical and emotional exhaustion.  The worst part is that there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight – particularly as we are going into a chaotic holiday season.

So, what can we do?  At every level of the problem, the only real choice we have is to work on the every-day habits that WE control.  And that essentially means work on ourselves.  I know I am not the only one that is having to devote more time and concentrate on saving, focusing, and creating energy, and I thought I would share some of my key practices with you:

Use my energy wisely – I am trying to be more discerning of where I spend my time and energy.  Sometimes I don’t have an option, but when I do, I am trying to (gently) let go of/minimise people and things that sap my energy.  I have found that this makes a huge difference for me, and not necessarily apparent for them (which in itself is a lesson!).  For example, I cannot (and don’t want to) give up working, but I have tried to focus my work more on the type of projects that energise me, and say no to those that don’t.  I have learned to say no to “getting together for coffee” with large groups where there is little connection, but “yes – more please” to small groups of people who nurture me and care about me.  

Double down on experiences that energise me – what are the things that you do that give you more energy?  I love keynote speaking and the work I’m doing at European Women on Boards – I’m trying to do more of that.  I also have dedicated early Monday mornings to offering a dance class for friends and family who want to “dance for joy” – sure, I get to work a little later that day, but whoo! With great energy. 

Find alternative sources of energy – I am trying to be creative and explore other ways of finding sources of energy and recharging.  For example, I have gone back to art – I dug up my old art supplies and have put on my schedule a weekly evening art session where I do nothing but paint, draw or just doodle.  

Conserve my energy, and recharge – frankly, I have rediscovered the joys of pyjama days or no-tech days on weekends, I have set up timing limits on most of my social media apps, am trying to get to bed half an hour earlier every day – and on work-from-home days, I try and take a 30 minute nap. JOY.

None of these are earth shattering or new.  But I am finding that having the discipline to make these things a priority helps me stay energised.

So, what gives you energy?  What do you do to stay energised?
As always, I would love to hear your thoughts.

All the best,

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