My Wish For You

Even though I am a child of the tropics, to me, this part of the year is magical. I find it comforting to watch the trees and the earth settle down and inwards for a period of quiet and hibernation, cocooning within themselves, waiting to be reborn. I am moved by this.

I am always inspired and energized by stories of resilience, stories that show the profound ability of people to reinvent themselves, to stretch themselves to be the best they can, while still keeping grounded and rooted in their true selves.

Vas Narasimhan, CEO of Novartis, says that the state of actively being inspired is something to cultivate on any leadership journey. I couldn’t agree more, although I believe it to be true for all the journeys we take in life. Being inspired energizes us, it lights us up and it keeps us moving forward, ready to go the extra mile. I’m lucky that in my work I am inspired often and regularly by all the people for whom I serve as witness and partner as they change their lives and the lives of those around them. I see people pushing themselves to stand their ground, to give themselves permission to show up as they are, but also to struggle, strive and change. They create a sense of possibilities for all of us.

For me the above video directed by talented photographer David LaChapelle, embodies the essence of why I’m so inspired and moved by beholding resilience and rebirth.  Besides the utter beauty of the unusual space, grace and music combination, “bad boy” ballet dancer Sergei Polunin’s intensely personal interpretation, his simple and unvarnished presence unleashes a powerful sense of authenticity, self-expression and achievement. I am moved and in awe everytime I see this video, and trust me, I’ve seen it many times! And every time I find it inspiring.

So this year, my wish for you is that you find YOUR stories of inspiration. The word inspiration comes from Latin, and means to inflame or blow into you. So what moves you at your core? What ignites you? I wish that you find those things and that you let them cocoon and develop deep within you so that, when ready, they will help you unfurl a stronger, ever more authentic you in 2020.

All the very best,

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