Top Three Insights

It’s been a while!

I hope the summer has been great for everyone.  It was hectic, emotional, and productive for me….and for those of you who don’t know – I did a TedX talk in Italian!   It was crazy – 38 degrees, they changed the venue, we had a big audience crowded in an attic meeting room of the commune – with no air-conditioning! 

My talk, Leader conosci te stesso I shared the top three insights that working with leaders all these years has taught me.  I believe all of us who are leaders in our communities, families and workplaces can benefit from their experiences.  Please take a minute (12 to be exact 😊) to listen if you haven’t already. 

For those of you who don’t speak Italian – here is a quick translation of the introduction —

“At 47, I was at the peak of my career.  I had just sold the company I had co-founded, and where I had worked as COO.  Life was fantastic – I did everything I dreamt I would do if I ever had free time: I taught dance, took art classes, went on long walks…I enjoyed life to the fullest for many months…….and then.  What next?  What would I do when I grew up?
I felt the need to figure out at a deeper level what would turn me on and what would give greater meaning to my life at that point. It took me more than a year and a half to reflect. I had to resist all distractions, including job offers, which would have been so easy to pursue.  But it was worth it. In that space I reconnected with myself and what I loved and what my greater purpose in life was.
But today we live in a world where communication is reduced to 280 characters, spaces included. Sound bites.  Bullet points.  15-second videos on Tik Tok.  An email longer than a paragraph, risks having as a reply a 4-letter acronym: “TLDR”, “Too Long Didn’t Read”.  We have short attention spans.  
Why? In a frantically changing world, our mental, emotional and physical state is also altered, and we take shortcuts and immediately go into “automatic” mode, into “auto-pilot.”
But, auto-pilot is only good for airplanes. We, humans today, need anything but auto-pilot.  In turbulent times, we need to “buckle up”- pay attention to how to evolve and grow consciously, how to discard preconceptions and old patterns that no longer apply.
Smart phones do an update several times a year, what about us?”

I hope the message in the video resonated for you, I’m trying to spread the word and I would love your help in sharing it with people you think may be interested. 
As always, I would also love to hear your thoughts.

All the best,

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