The 2022 That Was

Everyone I know seems to be scurrying around – trying to get all the work done before holiday closings.  Before you know it, it will be a tumult of holidaying – however and whatever you do to celebrate – and then Boom!  2023 is upon us!
I find the practice of pausing and reflecting on the past year gives me a great sense of closure and grounding. Allowing my brain to slow down and sort through all the experiences, feelings and learnings of this past year, gives some interpretation, some meaning to them and allows me to see patterns – which I can choose to continue or not in the new year.
For me, using questions to prompt my thinking is what helps the most.  I use my art/creative journal to write these down – which is useful when you can see the changes year over year.
Let me share some of my favourite questions with you:How would you describe this year in 3 – 5 words?What was the best thing(s) that happened this year?What thing(s) are you most proud of this year?What surprised you this year?What did you achieve that you didn’t plan to?What things (and perhaps people) did you let go of?What did you think this year was going to be about and what was it actually about?Who had the biggest impact on your life this year?Who had your back this year?Who was there for you – that you hadn’t expected?What did you do to give back or support others this year?What did you do to invest in yourself this year?What are you going to leave behind this year?How did you grow this year?  What did you learn?What is the best decision you made this year?What gave you energy this year?What drained your energy this year?What have you left unfinished this year that you want to work on in 2023?What advice would you give your 2022 self?And of course, while we’re at it, based on the above:What will 2023 focus on?What are your relationship goals? – who/what will you focus on?What are your career goals – who/what will you focus on?What will be your larger purpose?How will you help/support others? 
As always, I would love to hear your thoughts – this list could go on and on!  What would you add to it?
In the meanwhile, I wish you and your loved ones a peaceful finish to 2022 and an energizing start to 2023.
Warmest Wishes,

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