Tattered Flags, Deep Water

I love my friend Jeannie Chisman’s photo above called “Tattered Flags, Still Waters” because it completely reflects the feeling I have when we get to the end of the school year and summer is in full form. Beautiful, proud and cheerful flags – wilted and weary – but with the promise of access to deep cool, refreshing water right there waiting.

One of the great things about summer is the chance to recharge your batteries. To dive deep inside yourself and finding that calm that rebalances you. In fact this type of profound thinking, introspection, is critical in keeping your brain in tip top shape and getting clearer, cleaner access to different parts when you need them.

With today’s many distractions – work, smartphones, multi-tasking- it’s really hard to have the luxury of time to immerse yourself into the wellspring that is your brain, to allow ourselves to rest, to let your soul speak to you in the quiet spaces between your busy thoughts. There’s a great New York Times article that explores this issue very well if you’re interested in finding out more. 

So let’s do it, let’s kick back and dip into those deep waters. Gift it to yourself. You deserve it. 
Dive in!

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