Emotional Intelligence a Top Skill for 2020

According to a report last month  by the World Economic Forum,  within five years over a third of the skills considered today to be the most important for the workforce will have changed. Emotional Intelligence enters the game and Creativity jumps in importance as things like Quality Control drop off (technology will increasingly take care of that).

That Emotional Intelligence and creativity are receiving proper attention (rather than being a fad) is music to my ears! Most of the clients I work with are constantly pushing themselves to sharpen the skills to inspire and motivate their colleagues and teams in the context of rapidly changing environments. They are dedicated to continually up-training and up-skilling.

Although taking time to invest in yourself might seem counter-intuitive in times of great turbulence and pressure, it is a critical ingredient for success. What are you doing to renew yourself and your skills? Are you driving the process for self-“Rinnovation”? I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

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