C-Suite Coaching


Customized Executive Coaching, Advising and Mentoring for Top Decision Makers

The challenge for most business leaders today is staying relevant and ahead of the curve in a world of accelerated change, global reach and lightning consequences.  Leading today entails active innovation, core repositioning and new growth, both on a personal and organizational level. In order to transform performance, leaders have to be equally fluid between long term critical thinking, geared to create a robust future, and deep diving into the present in order to optimize results today.

Sometimes it seems that the more senior you become, the  harder it is to find the right person to help you get the clarity you need to envision and create opportunities. Working with an experienced Coach can be one of the most effective ways to consistently renew yourself as a Leader filled with  energy and vision and to perform at your peak .

Its all about the business
It can be difficult to find coaches that have expertise both in being able to quickly get to the root of complex business problems as well as having the training and methodology to figure out how and where leaders can improve their performance, redefine themselves and their businesses, in order to be ready for the future. But having outside, informed input can be invaluable.

Executive Education


Rose is an experienced workshop leader and facilitator.  She designs a range of practical workshops and training seminars focused on transforming high performing teams and individuals to keep them ahead of the curve in times of rapid change and instability.  The workshops concentrate on increasing the power of the senior manager in the workplace through the development of strategic thinking skills, executive presence and ability to influence and motivate through their own management style.

Since each business situation and person is different, every aspect of the courses is tailored to fit the individual needs of the participants. This highly experiential and extremely personal approach has been carefully designed with the aim of unleashing individual potential in a business context that requires results.

Examples of some popular courses and workshops are:

  • High Impact Conversations that Foster Engagement
  • Leadership Deep Dive: Leading in Turbulent Times
  • The Neuroscience of Trust
  • Building a Feedback Culture
  • Personal Branding in a (Dis)Connected World
  • Influencing Across Organzations
  • Inclusion, Diversity and Beyond
  • Mindfulness Get Past the Hype to Competitive Advantage
  • She Says: Women, Get Your Mojo working
  • Managing Difficult Audiences

Speaking Engagements


Rose enjoys speaking to a range of audiences.  She has been invited to speak to clients and audiences in USA, UK, Italy and India.  Her presentations are lively, informative and engaging and are packed with useful anecdotes, wisdom and humor.  She can tailor workshops, presentations and keynote speeches both in the corporate arena as well as in the education sector.

The most popular topics for these talks have been:

  • Influencing Across the Organization
  • Influence, Persuasion and Connection
  • Here Be Dragons: Embracing Change
  • Personal Leadership- It All begins with Number 1
  • Mindfulness What is it?  What is it such a fad? What science is behind it?
  • Personal Branding Creating your future
  • Emotional Intelligence What is it?  How do I get it?